Topics Please…

Hi Class! Your help is needed. Please send in suggestions for blog writing topics. Suggestions must not only be interesting for others to write about, they must be appropriate for school as well. Be creative, send topics requiring more than a yes/no response. Thanks!

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  1. Alex McLean says:

    Would you rather be a rock climber or an airplane pilot ?
    Why ?

  2. melissa says:

    once there was animal kingdom called freaks and there was a mad scientist there who wanted to leave the island and so he did 3 years later there was a guy named Fred and he went to the island and he wanted to become a animal and ……………………… what do you think happened?

  3. justin says:

    How about what are our plans for summer break, or if there are no plans, your ideal plans for the summer.

  4. amy says:

    Once there was a nerd named, William, ,he always loved to read books and write poems,he was always so happy and kind,well that day had an end.That night after he went to bed, he seen a wishing star he wished…..

    • -Allie says:

      to have the best telescope in the world and be the smartest person in the world.
      The day after he woke up with a huge headache , he went to his bathroom and looked and the mirror and seen him with a ………..

    • -Allie says:

      for the greatest telescope in the world and to be the smartest person ever. The next day he woke up he had a huge headache and decided to put a cold cloth on it. When we went to the washroom , he looked into the mirror and screamed! In the mirror he saw that something was wrong with his face he had a huge head! He ran downstairs and ……….

      • cool c says:

        saw a huge telescope then his mom came downstairs and asked,
        ” is everything oka-!” aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …….

  5. -Allie says:

    What was your favorite cartoon when you were little and why? 🙂

    • -Allie says:

      Or what about ; If the world ended what would you do . PS: And everything was free to do and why? 🙂

  6. Rem says:

    How do you think MassEffect3 should have ended?

  7. hank says:

    Is the world actually going to end this year on December 21 , 2012?

  8. AppleJack - Kyle says:

    Imagine you have the chance to go back in time to any date. What year would you choose? What day in that year? How would things play out? Why this time?

  9. cool c says:

    modern day army vs halo army

  10. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I request that you put up some,” would you rather.” posts and then ask why.

    ” Would you rather.. (Be stuck in a tank with a great white shark) or ( be stuck in a cage with a man eating lion)???? Why????

  11. JoNnY says:

    A good topic would Be would you rather. Would you rather be stuck in a car with no food? or stuck in a building on fire with food? why??

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Interesting – I’d take the car with no food because it should be easier to escape compared to a fiery building. Besides, why would anyone eat while the building they were in was on fire?

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