Kids These Days…

Hi Class! Pretend you are 85 years old. Complain about kids these days.

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13 Responses to Kids These Days…

  1. Allie says:

    The younger kids have more electronics like Iphone , Ipod , Mac computer. Lots. Too much 😛

  2. Ruchita says:

    Kids these days, with there pop and rap music, it just makes me mad. Just please don’t get me started on clothes! First of all the clothes with those baggy jeans for crying out load they need a belt. At least it’s some kids have belts and there hair combed. They were fine young kids =).


    These kids with all their Upod’s and Gpod’s and Ipod’s and Whatever pod’s. Always leaving their dogs poop on my lawn. These kids suck.

  4. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    Oh the kids these days. Who do you think they are, pretending they can boss us elders around. Never seeing the bright light of the sun, just sitting around on the electronics, those whatcha macolicks. RBOX 260 I think it is. Have you ever heard the saying respect your elders. Well I am pretty sure that they don’t even know that saying because they do the exact opposite of respect. I the kids these days.

  5. JOSEPH says:

    Kids these days with their gamebox’s and my grand children never visit me anymore and I don’t like the new host for the price is right and my food is always cold.

  6. cool c says:

    Kids these day. I put a “do not walk on lawn” sign they tear it down and walk on my lawn. I ask one to clean up his dog’s poop that was on my lawn and he puts it in my backyard. Kids in my day were respectful.

  7. hank says:

    kids these days spend to much time inside playing their systems and watching t.v, back in the day when i was their age i was chopping down trees making stables and helping my parents make houses ahhh i should just take the kid’s Ipod’s, Imac’s, Iphones, Iwhatever

  8. JoRdAn says:

    I cant because I will only live to be 84.

  9. JoNnY says:

    All kids do the days is play on there phones and Xbox’s and Ps3’s. When I was a kid I would go run around not be in side all day!

  10. Ashley :) says:

    Kids these days are always on their cell phones and laptops. All they want to do is socialize. They don’t even want to stay at home and bond with their family.

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