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  1. hank says:

    I’m gonna visit my family for summer vacation this year.
    Past summer vacation i visited a lot of family and i went to some rodeos and a few pow wows and thats it i think….

  2. -A says:

    I want to go to the PNE in Vancouver. When I was on my way down from Vancouver , yesterday , I heard on the radio that it was already open. I can’t wait to got there though , it’s so much fun! I went there with my cousins and the first ride we went on was the Pirate Ship , which was scary because it points down and there’s only a bar holding you. I don’t want my little sisters to go on that one. The scariest ride I went on was The Crazy Beach Party , it’s a ride where it spins and swings really high. I used to like butterflies. I love the ride where there are lots of swings and it goes up in the air and swings you , love that one :). It’s the smaller version of The AtmosFear. I can’t wait to go back there. I hope that there are more rides. Like The Alien Abduction! That on , after you get off , is really bad for your stomach 🙂 For me and Koleka because it goes really fast and pins you against a wall. My stomach felt really weird. THey never had that on at the PNE Vancouver . So .. yeah 🙂

  3. melissa says:

    I would go camping for m family vacation I always have the best time camping. one of my past stories is ” when I was two” when I was two i spent my birthday camping and so my mom baked a cake and brought it with us and then when it was time for cake I was sitting in my play pen and my mom gave my the cake and said ” go hard ” and I did I went face first into the cake it was so delicious.

  4. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    1. This summer vacation will be very fun. I will be swimming in my grandparents pool almost the whole summer. We go there ever since they good their pool. I will be going to Williams lake to visit some of my family there like my aunt and Nana. I will also go to my grandpa’s house on the lake and swim, quads, and tube there.I don’t have a huge vacation planned because the huge vacation is after summer. I don’t know why but it is. I hope to just spend summer with my family. I want to hang out with my friends to. I have a great place outside of my house that is great for just….going outside. I would like to hang out with my neighbours outside and bike. Like last year we went biking, scooters, playing soccer, tackle foot ball, running through the sprinkler, four square and much more. I enjoy every summer so this one is going to be fantastic.

    2. My favourite past summer vacation is when……..I believe I went to Disney world in the summer. It was loads and loads of fun. We went on rides that were the funnest things I have ever been on. Its a good way to be close and have fun with your family. It’s full of excitement. When you first hear your going to Disney world its a emotion full of disbelief. I have loads of fun summer vacations and activities I did and this is just one of them.

    3. Dear city council

    I am writing this letter to propose a idea for our city’s summer excitement. Instead of kids and possibly parents sitting around and cant find anything to do for summer, we should build a brand new wave pool. This will make it fun for everyone. We should have the wave pool near the middle of the city so it is easy to get there for everyone. At the wave pool there should be water slides, water park, underwater scooba diving. I know that I would want to have something to do when summer comes and so does everyone else. I will make a petition for people to sign. Thank-you for taking your time to read my letter and please send me back for info about if this is possible.

    Sincerely Rylee

  5. Ruchita says:

    To: City Council

    I think, the kids would like something fun, something where they can come in the any kind of weather! So for winter I would look for a big hill for sledding. For summer a water park should be in it as well, also a kitty pool and because some kids may need an adult there should be spot where adults could sit. There should also be a play ground with all the kind of thing you can play for example: Monkey bars, BIG slides, Swings ( with chains on the side), and also little things where kids sit and it moves back and forth. The area should also have an ice-cream store near the park.

    Funnest Summer:

    My funnest time in summer was where I went swimming with my whole family then we went for a picnic at River side park. We also got ice-cream by the store near by. Then we went home, and my mom had for gotten the keys for the house. So my mom and I went to put water in the plants and while we were doing that, a bunch of bikers, motorcycle and cops came by, and they stopped on the rode thats really close to our home. When my dad tried coming home with my brother they came a bit late because of the guys on the motorcycle. Once, we entered the home, we had Popsicles! That what my best summer of my life!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing. Riverside park used to have the tallest slide in the playground when I was younger – probably at least three or four meters high. Sadly, it was removed (I’m guessing that it was too high for today’s kids!)

      Quick fix:
      – kiddie pool (for kids not kitties)
      – ‘funnest’ is slang; use ‘most fun’

  6. cool c says:

    Me? I’m going to Washington in july

  7. JoRdAn says:

    I’m going to a soccer tournament in Bellingham. I’m going to the okanagon for a family re-union and might be in the canada day parade. etc.

  8. well mostly I’m going to be training for trampoline. I am going to camp deca. maybe going to the island. and just hang out with friends.

  9. Rem says:

    I’m going to my cousins for summer break and I can’t wait to see them. Then I might go on a Disney Cruise and that would be SO much fun because I’ve never been on a Cruise.

  10. Kyle says:

    Cadets all the way!

  11. Ashley :) says:

    At the beginning of July I’m going to Vancouver for a volleyball camp thats four days long. At the end of July I am going to sylvan lake and Red Deer for a week for a volleyball selection camp, my family also lives there so me and my dad are going to visit them. I am going to my lake house for August out at shuswap lake for the rest of the summer vacation.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      That sounds like a busy and fun summer.

      Quick Fixes:
      that is = that’s
      proper nouns need capital letters (Sylvan Lake, Shuswap Lake)

  12. JoNnY says:

    This summer I’m going to bike lots and swim. I am going on a five day house boat in about a month, I am pretty stoked for that because my whole family is going and my grandma and my cousins. After we go on a house boat I am going to Gardom Lake in august and its gonna be lots of fun!

    • Mr. Bell says:

      This sounds like some excellent activities!

      Quick Fixes: August (proper noun); it is = it’s; gonna=slang (going to be, will be…)

  13. -K says:

    My plans for summer vacation are : Probably moving to Edmonton , Going bungee jumping at the pool in Edmonton mall. I will be very busy person not even knowing whats coming next. A place they should build to occupy kids is the “Rainbow River” were the water is rainbow and you get in free. Its a super slide club. All the kids would enjoy a nice slide through the summer.

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