Hi Class! What is Remembrance Day? Share thoughts from your point of view as well as the thoughts you have heard from others. Your response is due November 7 (Wednesday).

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22 Responses to Remembrance

  1. JaXs0N says:

    It’s where we remember people from the wars and how they fought for us to keep us safe.

  2. spencer says:

    Remembrance day is about respecting and thanking the people that went to war to protect our rights. Remembrance day is probably one of the most important times of the year because if no one went to war to protect our rights we might all be slaves or we wouldn’t have many resources to live.

  3. cassie says:

    Remembrance day means to me is to remember who died for our country. Friends and family that died in the war. Remembering the people fighting for us for peace to our country. Remembrance day is a day to remember.

  4. megan says:


  5. serena says:

    Remembrance day is where we take a couple of minutes on November 11th to remember the solders that died for us in war. They fought for our freedom that we have today.And the reason it is on November 11th is on the 11th month on the 11th hour on the 11th minute.

  6. Kelsey says:

    Remembrance day is a very sad day. It talks about ordinary people that gave up their lives just to keep our world safe from bombing, slavery and killing others. We remember this day because its very special to everyone. Without the veterans or solders we wouldn’t have the special lives we have now. When you think your having a bad day just think about how the solders felt leaving their families. When we think we got it bad we really don’t,so every year all the people in the world remember the solders that fought.

  7. sydney says:

    I believe that remembrance day is about believing in yourself as well as honoring the people who made our world today and forever. My perspective is that people should be thankful for what we get today. Think about people in Africa that are not as fortunate as we are to have food, water, and shelter. We have a beautiful world that people are not taking grant-it for or just don’t care. People tell me that the earth used to be a lot different before we people were on it and that was the best thing for the earth I believe. November 11th should be cherished and not for foolishness, to remember the people who risked there lives.

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Remembrance day is honouring all of the soldiers that fought in war for your country. It’s a day for remembering them! On remembrance day you should think about how thankful you are for them to fight for you for a free country.

    • melissa says:

      Yes exactly gabby, I think the same ideas as you, If you want to hear what I really think look for my post.

  9. shaleyea says:

    Remembrance day is to remember all of the soldiers that died in World War battles. To remember what they went through,to remember those brave souls that made so many sacrifices for our nation and our country. Family’s gathering together to remember their loved ones,to remember their son’s,brother’s,husbands,or cousin’s. Grief and sorrow fill that day,but thankfulness also fills that day. We are thankful for those brave,heroic people,so there for,we remember them.

  10. Kaleb says:

    Remembrance day to me is about the people who served are country and ever year we have a day to remember the brave soidars who fought for are land and we respet them on november 11 and we wear poppies on that day.[

  11. melissa says:

    remembrance day to me is when soldiers die for our country and they are remembered on remembrance day. remembrance day is a day for ceremonies and to remember loved ones and lost ones. It is a sad day for lots of good people and lonely people. They go to graves and cemeteries to visit the unspoken word of death. They wear poppy to show they remember the people who died in September. Some won some lost some died some lived some found some lost but alls far in love and war.

    • Jillian says:

      Capital R’s on Remembrance Day, all very true comments. It is a very sad day.

      • Mr. Bell says:

        Building on Jillian’s statement, keep in mind Remembrance Day is a proper noun (thus requires capitalization). Depending on the audience, some people will take offence to an incorrect spelling on this important day while others are unaware of the grammatical rules, and some are indifferent (which is too bad).

  12. megan says:

    remembrance day is a day to remember those who died and to love and cherish the one who go to the cenotaph to remember the ones who were the poppy over are heart

  13. Jillian says:

    Remembrance day, A day of peace and remembering. On November 11th we take a pause to remember the fallen and how they made Canada how it is now. A free country. If you have a veteran from the war then your life is a miracle, if your grandma or grandpa would have died you wouldn’t be here. So, always thank them, and on Remembrance day, take time to remember.

  14. Emily says:

    Remembrance day is to remember the brave soldiers that fought and died for our freedom and peace, even though they had no choice to go to the war they will stand and be proud to be apart of their country. And to repay them everyone all over the world would have a moment of silents on November 11th every year. So we will all remember the soldiers fought for us and to be safe and to be in a good environment.
    Tank ya!

  15. jada says:

    Remembrance Day is a day to remember the ones who fought and died in war for our freedom and county. They left their family and friends and most didn’t come back. They fought for years and years. When some came back to their homes, they were not the same. Their minds were filled with sadness and war. So on the 11th month of the 11th hour of the 11th day we are silent and remember the fallen and the ones who did come back from war. That is what Remembrance Day is to me.

  16. Jacob says:

    To me Remembrance is the day that all the men around the world fight for peace,freedom. But not all agree some want to invade lands to be come stronger. we remember those who fault for us and those who die for us so we could have freedom today.

  17. rayne:D says:

    Rememberance Day is a day where people honour those brave soldiers that went to war and risked their lives to give our kives freedom, and it is a very special day to all of us. Not that they even had a choice, but they still tried, and some of those soldiers are still alive on this very day. So remember those soldiers.

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