Mouthwatering Descriptions Wanted…

Hi Class! This week’s writing topic is designed to make mouths water:

What is the greatest sandwich of all time?
Describe it in detail, top to bottom, layer by layer.

Describe me!

Your descriptive response is due October 29 (Monday).

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39 Responses to Mouthwatering Descriptions Wanted…

  1. sydney says:

    Start with a toasted piece of crispy white bread then add a slice of crisp, fresh, red, juicy tomatoes. Then add piece’s of creamy swiss cheese, Fresh crisp lettuce that sounds of when you are stepping on rocks. Nice diced olives that are sweet and sour. Beautifully cut slices of bologna that makes it taste like you are eating a hot dog. Warm crunchy fatty bacon crumpled and spread with mustard that is hot. Then end with another toasty piece of crispy white bread. Grab a sweet or sour drink, Enjoy.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix:
      – use an apostrophe to show possession (Dave’s cat) or in a contraction (didn’t); never use an apostrophe to make a plural noun

  2. Kelsey says:

    I am going to make a extravagant sandwich. It will have warm, white bread with beautifully diced tomatoes and plunk on the green juicy pickles. go to the fridge and collect the Gouda cheese, with the prune coloured meat. Once you have got all the main ingredients chop up the green crispy lettuce to add to your amazing sandwich. To top it off grab a badge tooth pick and a olive to add on top. When your are almost ready to eat grab a ice cold glass of lemonade with your fresh squeezed lemons , sit down. Enjoy!

  3. Kaleb says:

    the best sandwich is a big fat juicy peace of ham in a scramshs peace of the best beard coved with the best meat sauce

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Please write in sentences and repost your paragraph. See me if you would like some help.

      • Kaleb says:

        The best sandwich would be a big juicy peace of ham on a a fresh peace oh white beard freshed braked from the ofven with meat suace with ranch and chicken. Then to top it of a nice cold glass of ice tea and some chips. that would be the best sandwith

  4. JaXs0N says:

    The Baconbuscus !! This totally delicious sandwich is made of our fine ingredients such bacon buns, these buns have 6 pieces of bacon each bun, next for our sauce is the baconnaise this is mayonnaise but with bacon in it. Next we have the patty we make this patty with our finest beef, but there’s a twist, it is not just beef patty we also add even more bacon in it. Next we have more bacon, we add bacon like it’s nothin’. Next we add another beef bacon patty. finally we put our last bacon strips then put on the bottom bacon bun. Okay to finish this off Baconbuscus we wrap it in even more bacon, then we put dough all around it! we cook this bad boy in the oven, and now it is time to eat, Enjoy!

  5. spencer says:

    The perfect sandwich is called The Sammij!! This deliciously perfect sandwich has these delicious buns are all whole grainy and stuff! Next on both of the buns there mayonnaise spread all over them. After the mayonnaise you get any choice of your cheese, the cheeses range from Cheddar to Havarti. Next there is a couple layers of bacon there is 5 layers of bacon each layer contains 4 strips of bacon. After that you can have (if you want) mustard and ketchup or just one or the other, also we put some of our delicious zingy sauce. After that you can choose from either a whole beef patty, a sirloin patty or a beef patty. All of the patties are made from real meat. and then we add pickles. After we stick it in the oven melt the cheese with the patty of your choosing and serve it with a side of fries.

  6. shaleyea says:

    I pull out my most mouth watering sandwich from the oven. The sesame seed bagle all toasty brown, stringy cheese escaping out the sides. I plop my sandwich on a saucer and snatch a napkin from the counter top before sitting down. I pick up the monster sandwich with two hands and open my mouth as far as I can before taking a bite of crunchy lettuce, stringy cheddar cheese, fried garlic sausage, crisp pickles, and a very tangy mixture of mustard, maonaise and some steak spices I found in the cupboard. The first bite was the best bite I had all day. All of the flavours mixing in my mouth in a delisous harmony of ‘the best sandwich ever’. The tangyness of my special combanation melts into my mouth as I savor every inch of my awesome sandwich.

  7. serena says:

    As you walk toward the fridge you want a real juicy sandwich so you start to dream it.It has a slice of fresh white bread that could melt in your mouth.Next you have some thick creamy mayonnaise spread by a bran new butter knife.Then it has a crunchy layer of fresh and washed lettuce from your garden.After that it has 4 slices of your favourite pepperoni from the deer that you killed yourself.The next layer is crispy but chewy slice of fresh bacon from your vary own pig that you raised to eat.Then you have layer of turkey from last nights dinner and it is smothered in gravy.Next you have some chicken that you had for lunch and it is covered with crispy stuff that they use on KFC chicken.Then you have some ground beef .Some melted cheese.And another slice of fresh white bread with mayonnaise on it.That is the sandwich that will make your mouth water.

  8. cassie says:

    A mouth watering sandwich fresh lettuce with juicy tomato’s with Italian white bread and sizzling bacon and mouth watering cucumbers water dripping down your mouth. With the bread toasted and hot warm bread. With orange sliced melted cheese on top. Lots of juicy turkey meat with the melted cheese and with mayo the best topping of all. With sprinkling salt and pepper. You take a bite of the juicy mouth watering toasted , melted perfect sandwich of all with that mayo and salty and peppery yummy sandwich. Its a subway sandwich I call it the Cassie Sandwich.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix:

      – an apostrophe is never used to make a plural noun (tomatoes not tomato’s); use an apostrophe to show possession (Dave’s dog) or a contraction (isn’t)

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Yumm a nice tasty fresh sandwich. What should I put on it? How about I start out with some fresh, soft , fluffy Italian bread. I’m going to cut two pieces. Next I’m going to use creamy butter on one of the pieces of bread. After that I shall put just spectacular, juicy black forest ham. After my juicy black forest ham is put on I’m going to put on green as can be garden lettuce. Yum garden tomatoes to, wow those are red! Now for the tomatoes 2nd to last. Last but not least miracle whip that is just so darn good.

  10. emily! says:

    Picture all the sandwiches you can think of than imagine this. white bread with butter then mustard to start with then fresh and leafy ledace and smoked ham to go on top , with nice cool cheese all combined together to make a……. cold sandwich. yum 🙂

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix:
      – Use sentences to develop your response. Each sentence adds a layer to your sandwich (and paragraph at the same time).

  11. rayne says:

    The perfect sandwich is called a “What Ever”. The sandwich contains what ever kind of Hamburger meet, and what ever cheese, what ever kind of veggies if you even want veggies, and what ever else you want on it.

  12. drew says:

    The best ever sandwich is the one I am about to describe!!
    First is deliciously looking bread that crunches under you’re teeth. While the perfectly looking turkey breast with salt and pepper sprinkled all over it. Mustard spilling over the side mixed with mayo, while the scrumptiously blood red tomato makes the difference in the flavour of wowing deliciousness.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix:
      – reread this: “While the perfectly looking turkey breast with salt and pepper sprinkled all over it.”
      – Is it a complete sentence or a clause in a sentence?

  13. kayla says:

    A mouth watering sandwich first u start with crumbly toasted Italian bread . cold juicy turkey piled on the bread followed by orange cheddar cheese slices melted over the bread with crunchy pickles and creamy ranch dressing.

  14. Jada says:

    A mouth watering sandwich would have some bacon and mayonnaise. Than some tomatos and lettus. Then add some pickles and musterd. Put all that on two pesses of toast and you have a mouth watering sandwich. YUMMY !!!!

  15. Shace says:

    The best sandwich ever would be a big, fat, ginormouse sandwich that has bacon, cheese margarine roast beef, 2 hot dogs, lettuce, tomatoe, more chees more bacon and in 6 different lares!!!!!!!

    Mmmm YUMMY!!

  16. Jillian says:

    The best sandwich ever………. You walk into Subway, And choose your bread, toasted Italian herbs and cheese. Then the guy asks you “So, what do you want on it?” You want: Egg salad with tomatoes and lettuce, and salt and pepper. “Anything else?” Nope, Just a cookie on the side!

  17. Dylan says:

    The best sandwich is a lightly toasted bun with mayo and soft and tender chicken with a sprinkle of salt and bits of crunchy onion . Bacon bits lined up on the bun and little pieces of cheese the first bite is a yummy heavenly creation of a sandwich.

  18. rayne :D says:

    A mouth watering description that I would enjoy is something like this, Italian bread, with miracle whip on one piece of bread, with ham, followed by nice fresh lettuce, and maybe some tomatoes, and last but not least is some pickles. now I don’t know about you guys but my mouth is watery.

  19. Issac says:

    The best sandwich ever would be a crispy piece of bread with tomatoes and cheese with pickles,ham,salami,mayo,cucumbers,and bacon. toped with Jalapeños,bananas,peppers,lettuce,onions,and hot cheese wiz.And mustard,HP sauce.And thats the best sandwich ever.

  20. Jacob says:

    The best sandwich you would ever want to eat would be a flat toasted bread with juicy tomato’s and some pickles,ham,salami, and BACON lot, and lot, of bacon. Also our yummy sandwich should have some lettuce and onions toped off with some cheese and hp,mayo,musted.

  21. melissa says:

    The most mouthwatering sandwich would half to have pickles that drip down you’re chin, and cheese that melts in you’re mouth,and balony that burns you’re toungue, with mayoe that cools you’re toungoue down, and it would probably have bacon that sizzles in you’re mouth with ice cold tomatoes and well soft bread.

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