Knock Knock…

Hi Class! Respond to the topic below with a captivating story:

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  1. Issac says:

    The door I would take is the one that leads to Middle Earth. I always wanted to there and what it would be like in the Lord Of The Rings.

  2. spencer says:

    I would go to Middle Earth because I want to meet Gollum and hope he doesn’t eat my face off! Middle Earth also looks pretty cool in some places like the Hobbit village looks pretty cool especially the houses. Also I’d like to go to the volcano to see Frodo’s finger if it’s still there. The best part would probably be hanging out with Pippin and Mary. If I went to Middle Earth I’d probably buy a house in the Hobbit village and hang out with Pippin and Mary all day. But I’d probably do some renovations and make the house bigger because I wouldn’t be able to stand up straight in the normal Hobbit houses. Also my name would be Spencenitus!

  3. emily! says:

    The door that I would like to go through is wonderland. Because it would be so cool to be in the movie Alice In Wonderland, and to see my favourite character, Cheshire Cat.
    the fat, cute,little creepy, and big eyed cat. 🙂

  4. JaXs0N says:

    I would go to the Middle earth because it would be awesome to see all of the different characters. It would cool to to see Gollum and help all the guys try to stop that boss. And I would want to be the hero that kills all of the Orcs and Trolls. Also I would like to join Legolas and Gimley and fight for them. It would be cool to ride an Ent. And my name would be Jaaxoryus.

  5. Dylan says:

    I would go in Neverland to go and fly and I would bring a Xbox to play with all the games I like and then GAME and fly every were and go watch the group of kids that really dont do any thing then giggle at them all the time and play mine craft and assassins creed 3.

  6. Kaleb says:

    I would go to middle earth because I would love to tease gollum with the ring and it would be awesome to live in the hobbit village because I would be the king pretty much the king to the hobbits. it would be fun to meet Frodo and gimli also same also i would use gollum as a pet

  7. Jake says:

    middle earth!! now this is my first choice for a few reasons :
    reason #1: you can be a midget with big hairy feet.
    reason#2: you can be an elev and ride a humongous moos thing.
    reason#3: you can fight orces.
    reason#4: you can be a dwarf
    Plus!!! everybody is BRITISH AND SCOTTISH!!!!!!!!

    I would probably drop in on Frodo’s quest and take out smeagle before he bites of Frodo’s thumb then I’d take the ring and throw it into mt. doom myself before Frodo goes crazy.
    then I would travel to rivendell and live there

  8. sydney says:

    Imagine your walking through the door waiting to see what happens magical fairy’s or a knife to the head it could be life or death. Maybe the voice inside your head was wrong but you pick the door number 4. Your dream to be in a land of Narnia and fighting. You wonder, spinning through the capsule like a whirling durbish. As you come to a jolt step out to the light where your eyes are blinded you can smell, you are not in Narnia. As noise comes buzzing by your ears you now you are in Never Land. The smell of pies and tarts the smell of glitter and perfume. It was not your first choice but it will do. As every fairy is astonished the flight to safety. He wonders going through the doors how he will get back by the door covered up by weeds. Your standing there getting pushed by your sides to a chair that is very unfamiliar as the fairies had tied rope on his legs and hands. As he speaks softly ” I will not hurt you.” The fairies have been looking for someone to rescue them for years waiting for this day to escape. But he says “I am not taking you with me home I will not I just want to get home in time for dinner.” The fairies plead in help “Help us please as he agrees to take them home and keep them safe.” The voice in his head says take the same door as before but remember there back wards. As he thinks why are they backwards so he gets all the fairies and brings them home as he steps into the capsule it starts swirling and one of the fairies flies off his shoulder as they get out one is gone. They wonder how to get her back as the fairies say we will not get her back the wind is to strong. They are sad with sorrow. But the fairies let go and the boy makes a bed for them warm and cozy with flannel sheets nice purple comforters and coco. As they bury there sisters favourite shoe they are digging the hole they here a voice from behind it is there sister they are happy with joy jumping and twirling, how did you survive she replys ” I just feel into the bag.” And after everybody else was as happy as could be.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Hogwarts Witch Craft and Wizardry School seems amazing! I’ve chosen this door because I enjoy watching Harry Potter. When I walked through that door I got greeted by Hagred. He is really polite. ” Great another visitor!” Said Hagred without sarcasm. ” Would you like to become a wizard?” again said Hagred. ” Yeah that would be so cool!” I replied with joy. ” Ok just go to the town library at 11:30 sharp tonight, do not miss it or else you will be killed.” Said Hagred in a whisper. ” Ok I promise I won’t miss it! ” I replied sounding scared. After that I went wondering around just looking around at the wonderful place. I had a lot of time left until 11:30 it was only 1:43 pm. Harry, Ron and Hermione came and said hi to me. They should me around and got me a house to live in with foster parents. My foster parents seemed really nice. I hope they never turn on me like those freaky books and shows where they leave there kids or put a horrible spell on them. I had just ate dinner and I felt really tired so I decided to take a nap. I woke up and it was 11:26 pm. I didn’t know what I was thinking to not set an alarm. I told me self, ” How am I going to get there in time!” I grabbed my jacket and sprinted out the door. I ran straight to the library. I got there at 11:34. I went in the library and no one was in there.Finally I start talking yelling, ” Hello anyone here?” ” There you are Gabby.” ” Your Late!” said someone in a creepy evil voice. ” Whats going to happen to you now!” ” Hahahahaaaa!” Do you think I am going to die?

  10. Kelsey says:

    My Adventures In Wonderland The voice inside you says wait, but you go. A world of fantasy and dreams come to await you. The only question is what door. In the doors you could have anything ahead! I decided to pick three. As I enter is see all these magical things but when I opened the door there was a big hole. I jumped down. Once I reached the bottom I saw all these new and amazing things like, a white rabbit talking, two crazy men, and a realistic deck of cards. I didn’t know what to think it was almost like magic! After debating with myself I decided it was magic. Just then dozens of cards grab me! I scream, kick and punch but its no use. Just then I saw a palace and stop my moving. As i’m going in I hear people saying oh the Queen, our new Queen. But thats not what confused me. It confused me when they were talking gibberish. Finally they put me down and the mad hatter came out. [I remember him from the movie] he looks at me and says “you look just like Alice!” But I had no idea how I did. After talking to him for a while I decided to ask him what he was doing. He told me to join him for tea, so I did. We had a great chat and he told me all the things about the castle and I wondered why. Just then I hear him say to one of the cards ” she is now ready to be the queen of Wonder Land.” But I exclaim ” did you even think of asking me?” he felt so sorry so he asked me. I said no I can’t run a castle but I did say I could get you someone else. I grabbed the mad hatter and we went walking all around town after so many hours of looking for a new Queen we decided to put up posters. After an hour we had millions of people trying to be Queen but after all the hours of interviewing people we finally found one girl named Sally. Sally was amazing and a great girl so the mad hatter told her everything she needed to know and off she when to be Queen. As for me I went back home and took a big nap. The End.

  11. Shace shahbazi says:

    I want to go to hogwarts school of witchcraft. we are brothers we finally meet after so long he found me walking one day down the road and we noticed we had the same scars and then he asked for my name. I said Shace Potter and then we went to hogwarts and i got my wand and i got into that school we got in the same room me and my brother!

    I like it

  12. serena says:

    I would go to wonderland . The reason I would go to wonderland is because it would be so cool to meet the mad hater and to meet the Cheshire cat. The reason it would be cool to meet the mad hater is because he is so neat and his character is so unique and how he says things that don’t always make sense to normal people you have to be different to understand everything that the mad hater says. It would be cool to see Cheshire cat because he can disappear just like that and then aper somewhere else and he can float around . In the newer version of Alice in wonderland the mad hair always hides behind the Cheshire cat disappears but before he does disappear he always says good buy.If I was a character in Alice in Wonderland I would probably be the cat because he can disappear when he wants to and he is a cat that can talk and I think that would be pretty amazing if I could talk and I was a cat . Don’t you think it would be cool if a cat could talk? The reason I wouldn’t be any of the other characters is because the caterpillar smokes all the time and I would never smoke because it could give you cancer . The reason i wouldn’t be the mad hater is because he is creepy. The reason I wouldn’t want to be any of the queens is because they are always fighting with each other and their sisters I would fight with my sister if I wouldn’t want to kill her .On the movie it looks like a fun pace to go and it has different things then we do in the real world and its not as boring you would always have something to do and that is why I would want to go to Alice in wonderland.

  13. cassie says:

    I pick the door of Hogwarts because Hogwarts is a wizard and magic place. It would be fun learning potions and wizardly things. When I went in there was terror of the Hogwarts students running around screaming. Voldemort and Dumbledore were in a fight and Harry Potter was stuck under a metal book case. He couldn’t get out and I was the only one around to save Harry Potter and stop Voldemort and Dumbledore fighting. So I took Harries wand and destroyed the book case so Harry could get up. Then I ran over to Voldemort and Dumbledore and shot one to the right and the other one to the left and then everyone was cheering my name because I saved Harry and stopped Voldemort and Dumbledore from destroying Hogwarts.

  14. drew says:

    I would choose the Middle Earth door so I could meet Gimlee and all the other heroes.
    This is what would happen. I would take all the stuff I need to build a mansion and I would also bring all the ammo and guns I need to take down the orc, and Isengard armies along with the lords. then I would be king over the elves.

  15. Kobe says:

    The door I would go through is Middle Earth because there is a lot of battles there and. It met be awesome to be in one of them and the person i would see. Is the the great dwarf and there great kingdom the Lonely mountain.

  16. melissa says:

    Once upon a time …….. wait that starting is so last season but I want to tell you a story about going to ………….. NEVER LAND!!!!! Now lets begin from the beginning ……. So there was a girl with hair as bright as the sand and eyes as blue as the ocean. Now this girl wasn’t planning on going to never land she just wanted to make a new friend so she went to the ocean at night, looked at the evening star and made a wish to go to a magical and beautiful place and well when she wished on that star it came true but the star took “magical” literally she went through portals and flew cross the ocean and finally she woke up……… “Where am I….?” she asked. “Why your in never land !” said a smallish boy. “Never land ? why whats never land ?”she asked in a very confused voice. “Why you’ve never hear of never land ?” asked the smallish boy. “No i’ve heard of it but its a fiary tale place its not real………….” she said smartly. The smallish boy got mad and his face got all red and he said ” never land is a real live place you just have to believe in it ……….” she looked at him “I believe in neverland ……………… where else would I be wonderland? with the Mad Hatter?” the smallish boy chuckled “Well welcome to neverland im one of the lost boys.” he said. ” nice to meet you I dont remember my name …” she said confusingly. “well would you like to meet peter ?” he said. ” Peter Pan !” she said excitly. “Who else ?” he said confusingly. “Oh my ofcourse !” she said with a shreik. “lets go !” he said. The girled got up and walked with the boy to peter and she saw peter and captin hook on skull bay they had there sowrds and were fighting, she was so amassed she wanted to stay there forever and when peter was done with captin hook he flew right over and looked at the girl funny and asked the lost boy ” who is she ?” the lost boy said “Well I’m not sure she cant remember her name.” the girl said “I am a person
    I dont bite you can ask me yourself.” so peter did ” who are you ? ” her reply was ” I’m the next wendy but thats not my name im not sure what my name is.” Peter said ” Well you are welcome to stay with us intil you can remember your name and we will sort things out from there.” the girl said “That would be lovley.” and so the girl and peter walked together and she went flower picking with peter near by and peter was listening to her hum a wonderful little tune and peter looked at the lost boy and said ” Do you think she is one of hooks evil plans again?” the lost boy said “no he is not that smart to try it again.” peter looked puzzled and then she came over and asked ” Well can we go now I have had a wonderful day with you but I am kinda tired may i rest ? ” Peter said “yes ofcourse you will be alone for a little while but I will be back okay ?” she said “Ofcourse.” and so they were off and when they finaly got there she sat on the bed and lied down and fell asleep and said ” My name is daisy.” Peter said “I thought you couldn’t remember your name ?” she replied ” I knew it, I didnt know I was safe intil now.” peter whispered “Daisy.” and he flew off into the night and as daisy fell asleep she dreamt she was back on the beach of the ocean and when she finaly was asleep she had a dream where peter was never there and she had never met one of the lost boys and that she never even looked at the evening star and when she awoke she was back on the beach and looked up at the sun and said “What a magical night.”

  17. jacob salo says:

    I would want to go to wonderland because I shrink into a little man and walk into a little door.I Would want to meet the mad hater and kill the Javerwokie and the red queen also I would want to be the king booooyyyaaaaa

  18. jada says:

    I would go though the door that lead to Wonderland. I would go because there would be a lot of adventures and cool thing to do.You could also shrink or grow when ever you want. I would walk and talk to the walking cards and the fat Cheshire cat. I would shrink so I could jump on mushrooms and climb trees.

  19. Jillian says:

    As I approach the room with the seven doors, I am eager to hear where I can go. A voice informs me “These seven doors lead to seven places,” but the choices of where to go, I have not heard of! So I decide to build myself my own door, a special door, to where I want to go! The eighth door goes to The Underwater Kingdom of The Little Mermaid.

    As I enter the door, I realize the is no land in sight, so I decide to jump in the water and swim. But as soon as I get into the water, a funny feeling goes up around me, and when I look down I have a tail! A mermaid comes and greets me, she shows me where the Underwater Kingdom is.

    My tour of the kingdom is very amusing, but it is getting late and I need to go home. I have promised the mermaids that I will not tell anyone about where there kingdom is our what it looks like, and in return I can come again

  20. tyler says:

    The door I would take is the one that is Middle Earth. I always wanted to go there and what it is like in the Lord Of The Rings.

  21. rayne :D says:

    Out of all of the doors I would enjoy going to Middle Earth to meet Gollum, Gandalf, and all of the other amazing characters. I would also bring all of my electronics, tv, laptop and all that and say that I invented all of those so I could be rich. Another reason is that I would want to go to Middle Earth is because almost everyone there is all about war it seems like.
    I would change their way of life and teach them that there is always a better way, but if they choose the violent way I could accept that; I guess.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Do you think bringing televisions and other electronics will help them be more peaceful given the amount of violence on TV these days?

  22. damien says:

    I would go through middle earth so I could get the ring from Gollum and live forever and team with Gandolf and defeat Saruman and then get all the rings.
    I always wondered what it would be like in the lord of the rings.
    I would

  23. Shaleyea says:

    Shaleyea anxiously opened one of the doors, excitement and adrenaline flowing through her veins. The sights on the other side were breathtaking, the wild country side filling her view. The books and movies she came to love, evolved in a living world around her, and she couldn’t wait to explore it. Slowly Shaleyea made her way through Middle Earth, hoping to find an adventure.
    She came upon a village of some type. People busied themselves as the roamed the streets and pathways, the bustle was so lively she decided to join them as well. Curiously, Shaleyea examined the merchant stands that cluttered the terrace. There was a fresh fruit and vegetable stand, a butcher stand, and a trinket stand as well. As she rounded the corner, the townsfolk buzzed in and out of their beloved tavern.
    The daylight was fading, and Shaleyea established a plan to lay aside the means to discover an adventure in this present day, since there will be more time to waste away in the enchanting land tomorrow. She thought about where she might dwell for her stay in Middle Earth for the night, and of course, she chose the tavern standing in front of her.
    Shaleyea cautiously worked her way through the mixture of dwarfs and humans within the building, making sure not to disturb any one of them. Finally, making her way to the tavern keeper. “Do you have any rooms available?” she asked kindly. The man nodded,”Anything to make another guest happy. Would you prefer a large room with a view, or a small room with a couple windows?” he inquired. “I’ll go with a small room please.” she replied. As she turned around, she nearly knocked a young boy off his feet. Second thought; a middle aged man half the size of her off his feet. Realization struck her, he was a hobbit! “My apologies.” she said to the man. All he did was grunt in reply.
    Shaleyea turned back to find the tavern keeper waiting at the bottom of a flight of stairs. “Your room is the third one on the left.” he said as she walked up to him. Shaleyea nodded and kept walking. It would be best if she got some sleep tonight, village life starts early.
    She opened the door to the rented room, it was quite spacious for a small room. A table seated for two to the right as soon as you walk in, a double bed to the left, and two windows at the very end. She crawled into the bed and pictured all the excitement tomorrow would bring.

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