Freestyle Write…

Hi Class! Share some writing with your classmates and beyond. The topic is up to you (provided it is appropriate for the school workplace). Start a debate, share an idea, be creative and write a story. It’s a free writing day… Use powerful words and interesting sentences. Post it, and be sure to add comments and reactions to the works of your classmates.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    This weekend I’m going to my friends house to stay the night because my parents are going to one of my dad’s bands shows. Me and my friend Hailey are going to play Just Dance 4 and watch a movie together. The only bad thing thats going to happen is we have to walk her dog 3 times a day. Anyway my dad’s band will have so much fun because they are going to Sun Peaks not to ski but to play for a friends party. My sister is going to go to her friends house to have a sleepover just like me. That’s all I’m doing this weekend but it still should be fun!

    • sydney says:

      Good ideas but your mom and dad do not really fit in the story you should just talk about you and what you are going to do this weekend

  2. sydney says:

    This weekend is the best weekend of the year it is my birthday. On Friday we are going to have my favourite birthday dinner and cake it will be a nice time with my family. We will watch my favourite movie and hang out and do my favourite things. On Saturday I will go to my moms and hang out with her and probably with my friend maybe and have appies for my birthday. On Sunday night I am going to my grandparents with the other side of my family and have a birthday dinner I am going to have all my family together and we get to celebrate my birthday. The we will have cake and it will be really good cake probably chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and sprinkles and candles. That is my weekend on my birthday.

  3. Jake says:

    I as a lot of gamers are, am anxious about the release of half life 3. It has been 8 years since half life 2’s release on November 16, 2004 and it was it was clearly con sieved in the 2nd game that they would fallow up with a 3rd instalment to the franchise. Most people are wondering if it is even is going to come out but we have seen proof and we hope that someone in valve is working on it. Allot of gamers suspect that Gabe Newell (head and founder of valve) is sitting on a throne of money.
    what are your thoughts and hopes for half life 3?

  4. Shaleyea says:


    Before we start, do you believe dragons are real? There is no scientific evidence that they are, but considering legends, could they have the magic to hide themselves? It is quite possible that dragons could live in the farthest reaches on earth, like extreme environments. That would make sense in why we never see any of their kind. For the magic part, research provides that to obtain the magic, you would have to put on numerous ceremonies or rituals to gather different forces of nature to your power. Bear in mind that dragons supposably live for thousands of years, so the definitely have the time to experiment with the supernatural forces and acquire enough to live unknown to the rest of civilization. The closest we have come to a dragon, is discovering the “komodo dragon” which is a suspiciously over-sized lizard found on the Indonesian Islands. Could it be a miniature dragon in disguise? It is possible, but on time and technology will tell us that dragons exist.

  5. emily! says:

    My crazy dream!
    One night I went to bed and didn’t think very much. And when I fell asleep I and thats when I had the a erratic dream. First my sister and I were driving in a car past Kamloops. We were chatting about who was dumber. Then she ran over a deer, and the deer somehow went through the windshield without breaking it into pieces. Weird! After that are parents magically were chasing us in their car on the highway and after awhile we past a gas station and I asked to see if i could drive because my sister was a horrible driver. So we went back to the gas station and our parents were following us and so when we all stopped in front of the gas station with my parents there was this lady who walked out and said I’m a cop, where are you guys heading? Then my mom whispered in my ear and said don’t worry I got this…. my daughters were trying to go to Francisco.

  6. Jillian says:

    Zoos are prison camps for animals and should be shut down. The animals that are confined in the cages and taken away from there homes and families, and the animals that are “supposedly” being helped and being confined, it’s just not right! Most people like to go to zoos, and torment these animals without even knowing it. Being an animal stuck in a cage for the rest of your life instead of being able to run free and be with your kind, that would be horrible, and we need to shut these prison camps down!

  7. emily! says:

    sorry I made some mistakes.

  8. emily! says:


  9. spencer says:

    One day I was walking through the city streets when a man walks up to me and hands me the latest energy drink “Run faster, Jump higher.” I said, “Man I’m not gonna let you poison me!” I took it and through it on the ground! The next day I was going to my favourite hot dog stand when the guy says to me, “You come here all the time, here’s one for free.” So I said,”What do I look like a charity case!” I threw on the ground! I was walking threw the farmers market with my friend. He hands me the phone and says it’s my dad. I said,”This isn’t my dad this is a cell phone!” I threw it on the ground! ” My dad’s not a phone! DUUH!” After that I went to a kids birthday party! He hands me a a piece of cake. I threw it on the ground! I said,”Take your cake back!” There are so many things to throw on the ground, like food, and fish, and even a pot! I was eating at a restaurant when I see two Hollywood phonies. So I went to there table and I threw it on the ground! And that is what happens to me on a weekly basis.

  10. Cassie says:


  11. Gabrielle says:

    I don’t know what to write about! Any ideas?

  12. Kobe says:

    This week end i have alot of thing like a hockey tournament. And the first nations snow boreding so I’m going Snow boreding and. Met vist one of my friends.

  13. Dylan says:


    some guy on the street is blocking all the cars. On day a police offerer said,”sir pleas get off the road” the mad stood their and smiled the police offerer was puzzled so he left. An hour later another man had drove up and said,”we need you to move” the man sat their and smiled they honked their horn at him then turned around and left after waiting 30 min. So then a fire fighter with a big roaring truck sped up and was being blocked he said ,sir we have to get past you please move over the man smiled so the the people that had been blocked by this mad man they were revolting against him. So they all yelled loudly GET OFF THE ROAD !!! the man sat their and smiled . Suddenly a man walked up and said,”so this is were I left my dummy” every stopped and smiled they left and started their day with no dummy in sight.

    The end by Dylan

  14. donnie says:

    This past weekend I went to the blazers hockey game. The game was a good game there was a lot a fights in the game the score was 5-4 for the other team Victoria. I like going to blazer games because it’s a lot of fun and I really like hockey. If i played hockey I would be goalie because i think I’m a good goalie and I like being goalies in hockey or any other kinds sports

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing Donnie! Do you think the Blazers will do well in the playoffs this season?

      Quick Fix:
      – Blazers is the team’s name (a proper noun) and begins with a capital B.

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