Morning Music…

Hi Class! Have your say in the MSES morning music selection. What songs share the message we are looking for at our school? Be sure to make suggestions with explanations. Beware, without your input, we may be listening to ‘The More We Get Together’ for the remainder of the year.


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6 Responses to Morning Music…

  1. Gabrielle says:

    PLEASE no! I can’t stand this song. I rather have the song we do every day.

  2. DRReWWW says:

    I think we should have Don’t Worry Be Happy as our song.

  3. Jillian says: -lean on me -walking on sunshine -hakuna matata -don’t stop believing

    Just to name a few….. There are lots of songs to do that will make both kindergartens and grade 7 happy!! Hopefully we hear on of these songs on in the morning soon!!!!!

  4. Jada :) says:

    I think You Got A Friend In Me because I love that song

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