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Longboarding and the Law…

Hi Class! Longboarding is in the news. Some citizens of Kamloops are asking for bylaws to be created to limit (or eliminate) longboarding on public roads (click here for the story). What are your thoughts? What are the views of … Continue reading

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How do we get grit?

Hi Class! Consider the image and caption below. Is grit important? How does a grade 6/7 student develop grit? How can classmates, teachers and parents help? Post your meaningful thoughts by the end of Wednesday (May 29). Reply to all … Continue reading

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WiFi Thoughts

Hi Class! Describe our expected behaviours for using the class WiFi connection. Rather than list all of the DON’Ts, provide a list of what we should DO. If you need help locating the MAC or WIFI address on your device, … Continue reading

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BC Politics – Message to Student

Hi Class! Read and comment about the messages written by the parties running in the current election: BC Conservative Party BC Liberal Party BC NDP Green Party of BC You can all of the parties at this link. What were … Continue reading

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