Longboarding and the Law…

Hi Class! Longboarding is in the news. Some citizens of Kamloops are asking for bylaws to be created to limit (or eliminate) longboarding on public roads (click here for the story). What are your thoughts? What are the views of others not sharing your thoughts? What is the solution?

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5 Responses to Longboarding and the Law…

  1. Kelsey says:


  2. Issac says:

    I think it makes sense that you cant ride on the roads because what if a car is speeding and hits you.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks for sharing your thought Issac. Hypothetical arguments are sometimes the ruin of all progress. Too often the first thought is negative rather than looking at the requirements for positive outcomes. Do we need to create separate roads for cars, bikes, pedestrians, longboarders, rollerbladers…?

  3. arianna says:

    hi mr.bell i am arianna laquindanum i am in mr.d s class. i love your blog. :] :] :] :]:]

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Thanks Ariann! What in particular do you like?

      Quick Fix: For schoolwork, you are expected to use capital letters to begin sentences and for proper nouns (Hi Mr. Bell, I am Arianna Laquindanum. I am in Mr. D’s class. I love your blog!

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