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Morning Music…

Hi Class! Have your say in the MSES morning music selection. What songs share the message we are looking for at our school? Be sure to make suggestions with explanations. Beware, without your input, we may be listening to ‘The … Continue reading

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Political Ponderings and Predictions…

Hi Class! What are your important issues as a soon to be voter? What will be the result of the BC Election? Who will win in the two Kamloops ridings? Which party will form the next government? Will it be … Continue reading

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Reading Reflection…Part 1 & 2

Hi Class! Post this week’s reading reflection to our blog. Aside from a brief retelling of the big ideas, be certain to make several connections to your reading. Finally, pose a question for others to answer with interesting ideas. Post … Continue reading

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Hi Class! Check out this infographic by clicking here. Feel free to write a response to share your reaction to the information this infographic provides. The point of sharing this is to see another way information can be presented. If … Continue reading

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Allons au cinéma! (French)

Bonjour les amis! Using the National Film Board of Canada website. View some animated children’s movies in French – if you forget how to filter your search, ask for help! There are many to choose from so do not simply … Continue reading

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How old???

Hi Class! With a provincial election approaching, there are many issues related to citizens who are not permitted to vote because they are under the age of 18. What is the ideal voting age? Explain. Additionally, you are expected to … Continue reading

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