Rosetta Mission…Discovery?

Hi Class! As you continue your creative work about a potential Discovery connected to the Rossetta Mission, check out the ESA website or the Rosetta Mission on Twitter for updates, pictures, news…Who knows, maybe the discovery you have imagined will be real…? Click here for more news about this amazing story.

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15 Responses to Rosetta Mission…Discovery?

  1. Layla says:

    My concept is so cool!!! Its a flour that controls the world. End result?? Live or die!

  2. Devon says:

    For my discovery we (Isahia) make a letter to the earth. On the comet we find a time capsule. In that time capsule there is a shape shifter and bad people can use it and in the other item that we find is a sheet metal that dosen’t ever break!

  3. jayme says:

    Alyse and my project is about a comet coming to earth. Everyone is scared for their lives wondering if they’ll live another day wondering when its going to crash….

  4. Kaedyn says:

    The DISCOVERY is that the comet is a giant, monstrous flying Alien that will eat all the planets in the universe, then their suns and take over earth with it’s masters and make us slaves. with no positive affects

  5. shyla says:

    I am doing well on my discovery that will change the world in many ways it may freak some people out and others may be freaking out with excitement. it will make it so no one will have to sleep on the street or under bridges. I am making a Voki.

  6. RIO says:

    Panic there is an opportunity of a life time the robot has landed on the comet it has found energy the first ten callers will get to go on a space ship to go get a sample of the energy quick CALL NOW you may get two dollars back wow what a bargain

  7. mackenzie says:

    They are sending a letter to earth about the life they found.
    An they need someone to go up in space to bring it back to earth. Will it kill us?

  8. skye says:

    In my discovery they found some sort of life on the comet and they need someone to go up into space and see what kind of life it is and bring it back to earth.

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