Spoiler Alert – Rosetta Mission…

Hi Class! Take a few moments to outline your discovery from Philae and the Rosetta Mission. Explain one or two of the major finds, then explain some of the ‘ripples’ or results due to the discovery. Lastly, share what your finished product will be. Posts are expected by 12:05 today.

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  1. Garet says:

    The discovery is that over on the comet there was deadly creatures living on the comet and some of them look like food. The repercussions are that since they look like food people will not have much food due to grocery store owners having to check all food before selling making things much more expensive and not having as much to sell due to suspicions about certain foods.

  2. Alyse says:

    Jayme and I are doing very well. We have all are writing now and info, all we need to do now is type and put it on our bulletin board. Are project is about a comet crashing into earth in years and scientist are trying to find a way to stop it!

  3. We are on the right track to having a phenomenal presentation. We are doing a funny and enthusiastic news cast with a small background poster that we have a idea for, and we also have most of the cast and a ideas for props. We are going to start typing and crafting in the next few days!!!

  4. Isahia says:

    We (Devon) are working with future like items in a time capsule such as a mineral that looks like diamond but does not break like a diamond and is strong. Another thing we are working on the discovery is a suit that makes gravity like your on the moon and so space testing or simulators actually feel like it then having fans or other tactics! But some criminals can get a hold of these and use them for things they were never meant for and may make the community change like never before.

  5. Madison says:

    Breaking news! the ESA has discovered life alien life but sadly this new sing of life and other being and food,culture. This news brought an up rise ageist the new alien visiting earth this very moment they protester are………… singed note this project will be presented on a poster and will be accompanied by the culture,food and animals of the aliens world.

  6. Morgan says:

    Apache and I are doing an interview with an explorer (me) who found a piece of comet in a cave with gold,diamonds and crystals inside but behind all of that a big surprise is waiting

  7. josh says:

    This November we have landed on the comet the stuff we found on the comet is astounding. It could make are everyday lives amazing with this new discovery.

  8. MAX says:

    There has been an amazing discovery on 67p. We have made an discovery of life on a comet, it is only rat size but it is like finding a martian in your backyard. Is this good or bad listen on thursday afternoon to ESAnews satellite 154.5 kHz on ESAnews radio

  9. Madison. D says:

    I am doing a puppet show with gloves, one is the head guy for the ESA, European Space Agency and the other is a scientist also from the ESA. The puppet show is about how landing on the comet could change some thing big in a good way but could also put people out of there jobs.

  10. Cheyanne says:

    I am doing well on my discovery. For my format i will be doing a poster. My discovery is about how the ESA finds a plant that grows strange glowing fruit. This fruit though has a few major downsides to it. That just might change the world for the worse!

  11. Quintin hendricks says:

    on November 11 2014 are space shuttle has landed on the surface of the comet are comet started to drill a hole and beneath the surface there where very very special items that could help the world alot

  12. Layla says:

    What is the username/email to get on your file to work on your slideshow?

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