Reader’s Theatre…

Hi Class! It’s time to write your reader’s theatre script! Click here and copy a template to your Google Drive. Your goal is to write at least 100 words per day.

Remember that you are writing for an audience of ‘tweens’ (upper elementary school / junior secondary aged kids). If you are unsure if your content is appropriate, ask!

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2 Responses to Reader’s Theatre…

  1. Franzi Ng says:

    Hello Mr. Bell,

    Amelie is home sick with a very sore throat. She is concerned about her 100 words per day. She is wondering how she can write in her doc from home.


    • Mr. Bell says:

      Hi Franzi, thanks for your note.

      She can access her Google account from home:
      – on the Google page in the top right corner there is a ‘sign in’ link
      – her username follows this pattern:
      – her password is the same number she uses at school to access the computers in the lab

      If she cannot access her work digitally, she can write by hand for the time being.

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