Random Stories

Hi Class! Choose one of the links below to generate a story topic. Using the topic, write a paragraph using theย topic generated for you.

Story Starter Link #1

Story Starter Link #2

Story Starter Link #3

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  1. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    There once was a circus freak who was caught saving people after a huge fire. He saved people everywhere in the world. People thought he was a hero. But he only really wanted was to be in the circus for the rest of his life. He was known as a hero for the rest of his life.

  2. Steve Scott says:

    To do list for elephant seal that got shipwrecked on a deserted island:

    1. go find some coconuts.

    2.build some shelter.

    3. find some supplies to make a fire.

  3. Kim says:

    There once was an iguana who had landed on a far away planet while jumping on a trampoline. He had jumped to hard and and landed on mars. While he was on mars this funny looking creature witch it an alien helps the iguana up and walked him to his house so he can put a band aid on his knees so they would not get infected.

  4. Jonny#7 says:

    Lori was skipping in the school when a teacher was walking by.When she looked over the teacher turned into a man eating dragon and ran after Lori! Lori ran and jumped into a garbage can, but when she looked out the teacher was gone. The next day she got up and went to school . When she got there she saw the dragon and killed the dragon with her braces and lived happily ever after. THE END

  5. BQ says:

    there was a hot monkey who lived on a cloud looking down and feeling so proud. All he did was smirch and grin at all the people that were happy within. As time passed he fell asleep falling down without a peep, his charming look fell off his face when soon he splattered like a pancake.

  6. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    This story is about a depressed vampire that thinks he is a cartoon. The vampire was always very sad. He felt he had to much time in life to do nothing. Although he was very depressed he thought it was pretty cool to be a cartoon character. But he wasn’t he just thought he was. He would think that people were watching him so he would make up a story. Why did he think he was a vampire?

  7. Ashley Evin says:

    To Do
    -stand on one foot while looking at a microscope.
    -Talk to bugs while looking into a microscope.
    -Pull of a pink feather.
    -Say “hello” to that feather.
    -Put the microscope in front of the pink feather.
    -Go to bed in the pond.

  8. mYRAndA/orihime Wawryk says:

    There once was a annoying snow leopard who got to star in a TV show.His show was based on” Discovery Channel”,but they cancelled the show because he couldn’t stop talking and didn’t move at all…so they changed the story to a sabertooth tiger from the olden days .The tiger was sad and eventually grew out of being annoying…well mostly.
    =)__ STORY BY:Myranda/Orihime

  9. savannah says:

    Dear Horrible Movie Star ๐Ÿ˜€

    You have been chosen to be the lead role in our awesome new movie called “Where You Are in Paris.” So if you can please come and be our movie star. No one is good enough because they have never discovered a talking frog. Oh yeah we’ll need the frog because it’s going to be the thing you meet in Paris. Please come and see if you like it. If you do we’ll give you anything you want except the studio.

    Hope you can come ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Da says:

    Write a postcard to an awkward inventor who gets lost in the Amazon.

    there once was a inventor who turned out to be very awkward. One day he had a great idea . He had never had a great idea before. So, he got working. Day after day he slaved over his invention. finally after years of hard slavery It was FINISHED!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ a………… teleporter. he was famous,for failure any way because it did not work. When he tested it , he got teloported to the Amazon. one more problem was he turned in too …………….

  11. Kim says:

    There once was this worst turkey for dinner after we aet it we found out that he went scuba diving in the sea. “Now wounder why he tasted like sea water.”

  12. Write a myth about a sneaky weasel who discovers a secret city.
    Along time ago there was a weasel named Keven,who was quiet,sneaky and smooth.One day he was walking in the woods and saw a gigantic tree,and thought why is that tree so big?He got interested and walked around it and found a door that was couverd in vines and he went in.In that tree was a city,that looked deserted,and he wondered why is it so quiet in here.So he started to walk around,looking around and he finally found somewon and said why is this place deserted.The little girl said

  13. jacob harmon says:

    To do list for a weasel that explores a newly discovered a planet.
    1. Check for life forms.
    2. Find food and water.
    3. Make a house to stay in.
    4. Make a bed

  14. Lea Andrews says:

    Describe a day in the life of a devious spider monkey who thinks she is a cartoon character.

    One day there was a devious spider monkey who thought that she was a cartoon character. So she decided to go try out for a cartoon but she didn’t get the roll. She was really upset. She kept trying to get into a that cartoon then finally she got in one but it wasn’t the one she wanted. She had to play a role of a guy so she quit the show. Then she just lived her normal life eating climbing trees and…..

  15. (WARDO) says:

    The bully was walking in the haunted house when his gang disappeared. He yelled out “where are you guys”, but no one answered. “Now I’m left alone” said the bully. So the bully had to find his way out without getting lost. He was almost out, but something stopped he screamed “who are you”, and monster ate him all in one bite.
    To be continued!!!

  16. Jacob Kealey says:

    Write a folk tale about an old dentist who discovers a secret city. So you all know Robbin hood,sleeping beauty,Hansel and Gretel and all that poop. Well we all know which story’s were inspired by such THE DENTIST AND THE SECRET CITY.Eat that Indiana Jones!!. One day a old dentist was too old to pull and clean teeth. Instead of pulling teeth he would end up pulling his backbone. And if he saw any new patients he would give them the evil eye and say ”Your not welcome here” in an evil voice.But if their were new kids he would give them a lecture about life any way he caught eye of a patient with a secret map of the Secret City. The old man didn’t know this person but he would never show anyone the map.As well as The old man saw the patient pull out a gun and reacted quickly he hit him with his boxing gloves and boxed him out he thought he was pulling out a gun but it was actually a toothbrush. To BE CONTINUED…..

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix: your = belongs to you; you’re = you are (You’re not welcome here…)

  17. Anna :D says:

    (Write a folk tale about a spider monkey who paints murals)

    On an sunny Sunday, ToTo the spider monkey didn’t know what he wants to be. All the people in the village new just what they are good at and what they are going to be. ToTo tried EVERYTHING but just couldn’t do it. Then he knocked over paint on the wall and he never wanted anyone to know so he made it into a very pretty picture. No one noticed until the mayor came and looked at this he said” Who did this!?” no one said a word until ToTo said “I did.” The mayor just looked at him and smiled and just said “Well very fine job. You should paint more of this thing, what do you call it?” ToTo said”I call it a mural!” ToTo finally knew what he wanted to be. TO BE CONTINUED

  18. meep teufele says:

    If I met a wrinkled shark that got locked in a class room over night several times I would say holy! how did a shark get in my class.2.how am I going to get the shark out?3.
    what would happen if some one sees the shark . TO BE CONTINUED …………………………………………………………………………………………..

  19. SMALER#12 HAYDEN says:

    There once was cantaloupe who was very depressed and all he wanted was one secret wish. Later that day he saw a fairy and it came to wards him, he said can I have one secret wish please. She said alright but only one and I will vanish away. So he wasn’t the dumbest cantaloupe and he wished for 100 wishes, the fairy couldn’t believe that a cantaloupe could out smart a fairy, that meant the fairy would have to stay with him until he wished 100 wishes. The first of his 100 wishes he had to tell the fairy through his mind to wish for a face for every fruit. At least a second after that wish he wished to ride comets in outer space that was always his dream, the fairy poofed him into outer space on a comet but he could not believe what he could see from way out there. he still had 98 wishes left what will he wish for next you decide…………

  20. (Calvin) (CCF) (FORBES) says:

    Write a horror story about a sunburned iguana who discovers a secret city. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

    A iguana named Dan once got sunburned he went to the store and found a billboard that said “Find a lost city and win A million dollars then live in your found city!!!” Dan said “I’ll find that city and win!” he went to the sea in a hijacked sub and started searching after 50 years he finally found the city and he was being chased by squids.

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