Goal Setting

Hi Class! Before shutting your brains down for the summer πŸ˜• (hopefully you will read several books at least), think ahead to next year. List at least three school related goals you have for next year. What do you want to accomplish, to improve, to try, to change…Be thoughtful – setting goals is an important life skill. Here are some links regarding goal setting:

Goal Setting Activities For Teenagers

Five Facts About Goal Setting


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  1. Anna says:

    My goal is to do a little bit better in math and English.( I am not doing to bad in them already but I want to do them better)

  2. Steve is a beast says:

    Better grades in school on subjects like math and English.

  3. Calvin PS Alex is coming to school today!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I want to accomplish more reading, to improve my swimming, to try to go to port moodie

  4. Im thinking Im thinking.................... daniel says:

    In high school I would like to take a computer course to become more familiar with the computer. I would not mind taking fine arts as well.

  5. jacob harmon says:

    I am not going to play video games all summer I will read books play math games and I want to get a lot better at math.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Glad to hear you want to read and practise your math…those are very important. Remember to find some balance too (we need to do fun stuff as well)!

  6. BQ says:

    I want to become a better artist and study more mythology. Maybe even make my own language, But most of all I want to read as many mythology, fantasy and monster guides as posible.

  7. "JONNY!!!!" "yez i'll be there in a second Hayden." says:

    I want to improve my writing, reading and listening skills. By getting better at reading I’m going to try to read over the summer and sometimes write a paragraph to get my writing better.by listening I’m going to try to block other people and focus on the speaker.

  8. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I think my goals during the summer are definitely going to be reading.
    Another goal of mine is to try and work on my math. Even know I don’t really like math I want to do good in it.
    Remembering is my other goal. I need to remember how to solve problems and know how to get answer’s for next year! Hopefully I do because I usually forget most of the time.
    I need to improve in math the most and will be trying my hardest for next year. I want to finish a couple of chapter books during the summer.
    Next year I have to put all my focus into school and Recess and Lunch I can talk to my friends not during class. I think if I worked on that I could definitely do better in school. πŸ™‚

  9. Some of my goals are to pass grade seven,try to get a B or an A in most of the subjects,
    and make it into high school!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I read every night on school days so I hope it stays that way in summer! πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Summer is a great time for catching up on all the books you don’t always have time to read during the school year. It’s fun to get into a book and read it cover to cover in a day or two.

    • "JONNY!!!!" "yez i'll be there in a second Hayden." says:

      me to but not all the time in the summer.

  11. HAYDEN "yez i'll be there in a second Jonny" says:

    I will read signs that I see because they might be important. Well i’m going to stay up all night a lot I don’t really have any school related things that I will be doing this summer so yah i’m just looking forward to not get up early in the morning for something I don’t want to do

  12. Jacob Kealey says:

    My goal’s for summer is to help work on my dad’s second house in Savanon throughout the summer so I can make lot’s of money. Also the most important of all I want to work out everyday and still do kick boxing over the summer to lose more weight and to gain a six pack from it. But I don’t think I will but I’ll still try.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      Quick Fix: Use an apostrophe to show possession or contraction – never for a plural noun: “so I can make lots of money”

      What do you have for school goals?

    • RYRY321URME Johnson says:

      Jake the question was, what are you going to do or plans for the summer involving school.

  13. Mateen says:

    I want to accomplish my goals in life such as my academics and improve my life.

    • Mr. Bell says:

      What specific things do you want to improve? What steps will you take to improve in the areas you mention?

  14. mYRAndA/orihime Wawryk says:

    I probably will be thinking about school at Valley View next year like doing somethings to get used to the school…hopefully and I hope I make some new good friends that are nice,get good grades….but I hope to read lots of different books and do some awsum crafts ,of coarse I will visit sometime to this school.:)

  15. Kim says:

    1 of my goals for t he summer is to read lots, because if I don’t when I come back here in September I will have gone down in my reading. So reading is important to me.

    Another 1 of my goals is to do some math during the summer even know I don’t want to I will, to help myself get better at it.

    Last but not least getting in shape so I can do more things in P.E. and other things.

    So that is my goals for in the summer. :):)

  16. TURNER AKA MASTER of game playing. says:

    I want to improve my math skills, my Starcraft 2 campaign playing and my handwriting.

  17. meepamus aka meep aka keagan says:

    one of the three goals I was trying to accomplish was trying to get three A’s so my dad would get me an X BOX 360 and if I don’t I have to earn $150. another goal was trying to get more friends . And for the final one I tried to get a good grade in art and Phys Ed.

  18. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    Who doesn’t want summer break to come?

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