The Last Week…

Hi Class! Provide some feedback about our blog. What are your thoughts about this form of writing? How could this site be improved? Are the subject pages useful or not? What improvements would you make? Thanks for your feedback!

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10 Responses to The Last Week…

  1. Ashley Evin says:

    I think that the blog is good and you should keep it a lesson in school. I would make it so that you can make your own pictures. But I love using this to write responses to Mr.Bell’s questions.

  2. RYRY321URME Johnson says:

    I think this blog has been great throughout this year and I really hope next year whatever teacher I have has a blog as well! I don’ t think I would change anything about it. I do think that the posts should be longer for people who only do one sentence! I like how all the questions are mostly related to what was going on in that particular week. I think the questions are fun to answer! I enjoy the blog very much! thank-you Mr. Bell.

  3. Anna says:

    I love this kind of writting because it is not old fashioned. We are not doing the same old thing every day. I also like it because we are not wasting trees, so it is fun and good for the trees. 😀

  4. I think it is great,cool and fun!!
    But you could change some things!!!!

  5. "JONNY!!!!" "yez i'll be there in a second Hayden." says:

    I like the blog because it helps me with my typing And communicating. I think the links helped me with my writing. I like this better than writing on a pencil to.I think to improve the site you could make it more colourful and different fonts would be awesome.

  6. HAYDEN!!!! "yez i'll be there in a second Jonny" says:

    Well the blog is some what entertaining and it’s good because we get to write about what you want us to write about it’s a good thing to do with a class. You should keep doing the blog every year you teach.

  7. meepamus aka meep aka keagan says:

    the blog is awesome .the form of writing is awesome too .it could be improved by the responses going straight to the comment instead of Mr.Bell checking them. the subject pages are useful because they give you the info you need. If I were to make any improvements I would make it 3-D.

  8. savannah says:

    I think the form of writing is awesome because its using a computer and not paper. We could use it instead of paper all the time so there would be no reason to use paper. I think it doesn’t need to be improved. I think they are useful. I would put more sites on it and games that are fun. I’m not saying the games are not fun.

  9. Im thinking Im thinking.................... daniel says:

    well I think that the blog was a great idea . I don’t really think it needs improving.
    sincerely Daniel.

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