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Hi Class! What is Remembrance Day? Share thoughts from your point of view as well as the thoughts you have heard from others. Your response is due November 7 (Wednesday).

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Mouthwatering Descriptions Wanted…

Hi Class! This week’s writing topic is designed to make mouths water: What is the greatest sandwich of all time? Describe it in detail, top to bottom, layer by layer. Your descriptive response is due October 29 (Monday).

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Self-driving Cars – Yea or Nay?

Hi Class! Based on the information from our reading this week and your knowledge, should self-driving cars be legalized for use in Canada? Choose a side. Make a decisive opening statement and state your big idea. Support your big idea … Continue reading

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Longer Days For Longer Weekends

Hi Class! What are your likes and dislikes regarding long weekends in relation to your learning? Beyond the assumption that we love long weekends, consider how long weekends impact your ability to learn. Would you prefer a longer school day … Continue reading

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