Jigsaw Stories – Last Day

Hi Class! Time to wrap up your stories. Your job is to read the story you started, then write a conclusion to it from any point. You do not have to use everything that has been written, simply choose a point in your story and insert the conclusion.

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2 Responses to Jigsaw Stories – Last Day

  1. Jacob Kealey says:

    When i found the team of survivors when cautiously went to an Amory for protection against the savages that fed on the only scientist who actualy convinced the other scientist to not test me on the virus itself he helped me so now it’s time to help him he may be dead but
    I’ll do what he would have done for me….protect.we grabbed 3 weapons each with it’s own advantage we grabbed the weapons as well as c4 and shot are way through the endless zombie hoard when in the highly hazardous explosive room we locked the door behind us set the booms and c4 took and escape pod and watched the virus cease to exist

  2. Allie Sampson says:

    Everyone went in for the search because he was a famous dog and he was in a movie called “March” so everyone was helping when he ran away. Everyone was yelling “March here boy”. An hour passed and still no one could find him,But then,I saw something in the bushes.Out of the bushes came a tail and two tiny paws! “March!” I yelled, Then the family thanked everyone for helping. And I played hide and seek with March. The end. The end. The end.

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